How does the “The Button” work?

Everyone knows how great having the Octopus tablet is for rideshare drivers – better tips, increased ratings & reviews, and even more conversations with passengers. And while of course you already get paid for your tablet activity, it’s passive earning.

Now, there is a new way for you to be more proactive and get your Octopus tablet to earn you bonus money. Introducing: OctoPush (“The Button”)

The Button” is not currently active. This post will be updated when “The Button” is next active.

How it Works

“The Button” will randomly pop up during ads in-between regular gameplay. Every time someone clicks “The Button” on your tablet, you automatically receive a bonus entry into an ongoing contest drawing. The more times your “Button” is pressed, the more entries you receive. 

Octopush entry opportunities will range in length from quick weekend flash contests to marketwide “City vs City” competitions with whole groups of drivers winning rewards. Keep in mind that the contests and rewards will vary and change, and “The Button” will not always be live on the tablet, so the important thing is to pay attention to WHEN it is. 

Tips & Tricks

It will benefit you as a driver to do the following in order to increase your chances of winning a payout during a “Button” contest: 

  • Regularly draw attention to the tablet for ALL passengers; 
    • Just mentioning the tablet to pax definitely helps. But telling them that you are in a contest and they can help you win will make a BIG difference in how many entries you receive. 
  • Keep PAX engaged with the tablet even when games are not being played; 
    • Some passengers stop looking at the tablet when they are not playing a game, but they should because that is exactly when the “button” will pop up. Make sure to tell your passengers to keep an eye out to help you win! 
  • Pay attention to communications from Octopus; 
    • Make sure you are subscribed to all Octopus communications, including text messages and email.
  • Understand the tablet rhythm;
    • There is a difference between gameplay display and the advertising loops that cycle through on the tablet, and it is not guaranteed “the button” will appear after every game session. Most ad-loops are 8+ minutes, which means the amount of exposure for “the button” will vary depending on available screentime from day to day.
  • Stay positive & just have fun; 
    • It’s a contest, not everyone can win. Having the tablet and entertaining passengers for free is hopefully enough of a value to you already. And the “Button” is just another fun, new way for Octopus to create as many opportunities for passengers AND drivers alike to enjoy the experience of Octopus and possibly win extra free money!
  • Memorize the sound; knowing what to listen for will give you a better chance of directing your pax to pushing “the button”.

If you have any other questions, please let us know by submitting a support ticket below: