How can I update my email address on file with Octopus?

We use your email in order to login to the driver dashboard and to communicate important information to you.

If your email on file is not correct or you simply need to update to a more recent or better email address, our support team is happy to help. Just fill out the form by clicking the UPDATE EMAIL ADDRESS button below and our team will migrate your account within 7 business days.


How will I know which email to use to login?

Continue to use the old email address on file to access your dashboard even after submitting your email change request form above. Our team will email your NEW email address once it has been changed in our system and is ready to be used. 

Will I lose all of my points?

No. All points and activity on your account will be preserved; only the login email will change. 

Changing your email on file can take up to 1 week; our team will notify you once it has been successfully adjusted.

How many times can I change my email address?

We ask that you limit your email address changes to necessary adjustments, as the process to migrate your account is fairly complex.

If you have any other questions, please let us know by submitting a support ticket below: