Octopus Interactive presents innovative new “rideshare” marketing platform at IAB NewFronts 2020

Octopus Interactive, the largest network of interactive screens inside Uber and Lyft vehicles was a first-time presenter at the Interactive Advertising Bureau NewFronts 2020, the leading digital advertising gathering.

Octopus presented The Daily Ride to provide insights around the growing trend of rideshare marketing. Topics included the total addressable market, rideshare passenger demographics, current market opportunities, the future of rideshare marketing, and in-car games.  

Octopus enhances the rideshare experience with interactive games, cash prizes and other entertainment for Lyft and Uber riders. For advertisers, Octopus engages millions of rideshare passengers a month, putting brands front and center with geo-targeted, interactive video ads. For rideshare drivers, the platform increases tips, ratings, and earnings per ride.

Octopus Interactive launched in 2018 and has quickly grown to become the largest rideshare entertainment platform in the country offering national scale across the nations top DMAs.  Interactive games and video ads generate over 1,500,000 engagement interactions every day with unmatched click-through-rates upwards of 12%.  

“The rideshare passenger is one of the most sought after audiences for marketers. As more Americans cut the cord, it’s getting harder to reach millennials on the go,” said Cherian Thomas, Co-founder and CEO of Octopus. “We want to ensure buyers and sellers understand the size of the market opportunity, our interactive platform capabilities and most of all, the rideshare audience.” 

“One of the biggest challenges facing marketers during this year’s NewFront’s, is the ability to reach the binge watching, cord cutting, millennial audience,” said Bennett Fogel, Chief Commercial Officer at Octopus. “Octopus has created a solution by aggregating this audience at scale with a gamified experience that results in extremely high engagement, click-through-rate, and conversion rates for our brand partners.” 

The NewFronts is an annual series of events founded by Digitas, Google/YouTube, Hulu, Microsoft, and Verizon Media (formerly known as AOL and Yahoo), in 2012. It is committed to the creation of valuable partnerships between brands and native digital content.

About Octopus Interactive (www.playoctopus.com)

Octopus Interactive is the largest network of rideshare screens throughout the United States. Octopus provides benefits to both advertisers and drivers through our unique interactive video advertising and entertainment platform in rideshare vehicles.

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