Introducing New Tablet Features!

Play Octopus Tablet with Raffle Screen

Introducing New Prizes and Features

We hope you and your riders are enjoying the newest version of Octopus! Recapping the latest features we’ve added to your tablet below:

Driver Profile Now Including Badges

Your riders can now view select badges on your tablet profile! Show off how long you’ve been driving with Octopus, if a passenger has won in your vehicle, and more.

Ticket System New Rider $500 Weekly Prize

Introducing bigger prizes for your riders! Every game point your rider earns = 1 ticket. Riders claim their tickets by entering their phone number. The more tickets your rider earns, the higher chance they have of being randomly selected to win the weekly $500 grand prize.

Riders can claim their tickets by entering their phone number. These phone numbers are NOT shared with third parties and are ONLY used to send information about the raffle the rider entered.