Octopus Interactive equips Uber®, Lyft® and all rideshare drivers with high-definition screens to engage riders.

Live Games

Realtime trivia, daily giveaways and cash prizes

Ride Information

Driver profiles, weather and other local info

Interactive Ads

Premium video for a highly engaged audience

Utilize premium video inventory with interactive and entertaining games for a highly memorable brand experience.

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Drive with Octopus

Upgrade your rideshare with Octopus to earn direct cash payouts, higher tips and better ratings.

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Octopus does not utilize face-tracking technology or artificial intelligence to assess the physical appearance of rideshare riders, nor do we use the cameras on our devices to record, film, transmit or store any images. We do not use the cameras on our devices to serve targeted advertisements and our platform is fully compliant with all privacy laws and local regulations. Read more here.