How can I cashout to a gift card using the Octopus Driver App?

Cashouts to gift cards are provided by Prizeout, our gift card provider. Please find instructions below on how to cash out to a gift card using the new Octopus Driver App:

  1. Open the Octopus Driver App: 
  1. Tap the Wallet at the bottom of the screen:
  1. Tap the box on the payout you want to cash out:
  1. Choose Cashout to gift card. Once you cash out to Prizeout from the Octopus Driver App, you will be sent your gift card within 1 hour.  

    The gift card will be coming from [email protected] and will be titled “Claim your (vendor you chose) gift card.” If you don’t see your gift card in your email inbox, we also recommend checking your spam folder.  

If you have any other questions, please let us know by submitting a support ticket below: