I’m not going to be home when my Octopus tablet will arrive. Can I change the delivery?

If you’re not going to be home when FedEx is expected to deliver your Octopus tablet, you can use the FedEx Manage Delivery feature to delay the tablet delivery date or have the package held at a local FedEx location for you to pick up. To take advantage of this feature, please complete the following steps:

  • Go to: fedex.com
  • Enter your tracking number and click Track. You can find your tracking number in the email Octopus sent letting you know that your tablet was on the way. If you can’t find the email, please use the support form below and we will send you your tracking number.

Screenshot of FedEx tracking app.

  • Towards the bottom of the page with your tracking number, click See Full Details to access more information about your package delivery.

Screenshot of Fedex shipping manager.

  • From there, you can click the Manage Delivery button towards the bottom of the page to add delivery instructions, have the tablet held at a local FedEx location for pick up, or delay the delivery date.

If you have further questions about using the FedEx Manage Delivery feature, visit: fedex.com/en-us/help-center.html.

If you have any other questions, please let us know by submitting a support ticket below: