I previously returned my Play Octopus tablet. How do I reapply for a new one?

If you have sent back your Octopus tablet and received email confirmation that the tablet was returned successfully, you may be eligible to reapply with Octopus.

Use the following instructions to reapply with Octopus:

  • You will then be prompted to update some of the information that was originally provided on your Octopus application. Please check your provided mailing address so that we can ensure your new tablet is delivered properly. 
  • Input the reason you would like to receive a new Play Octopus tablet, before confirming that you agree to the Play Octopus Driver Agreement and to return the Tablet if you do not complete more than 100 rides per month. Then, click Next at the bottom of the page, as pictured below:
  • Once you have uploaded updated screenshots, please input the total number of lifetime trips you have completed before clicking Complete, as seen in the image below:

Please note! Due to high demand we are unable to immediately approve all reapplications at this time.

If you have any other questions, please let us know by submitting a support ticket below: