How can I mount my tablet on a partition or plastic divider?

If you have a plastic divider in your rideshare vehicle, you can still utilize your Octopus tablet! You may mount your tablet by using velcro adhered to the tablet mount clips and the plastic divider. 

Please follow the instructions below to ensure your tablet is mounted securely:

1. Peel the tape off of the backside of the Velcro. Attach the velcro to the plastic divider behind the passenger side headrest. In the picture below, the black squares represent where the velcro should be placed.

Once you place the velcro, attach the mounting clips, as seen in the picture below.

2. Place the tablet into the mounting clips by stretching the clips to the four corners of the tablet, as pictured below:

3. When you mount the tablet, be sure to have the power button facing up and the charging port facing to the right, as seen in the picture below. Then, plug the charging cable into the USB charging port, and the charging port into your car power outlet.

You may purchase velcro at any hardware store or by ordering from our Play Octopus Shop here.

If you would like to request velcro tape for your partition, please submit a support ticket below.

If you have any other questions, please let us know by submitting a support ticket below: