Understanding our Verified Impressions

Octopus provides brands with 100% fraud-free impressions to ensure zero ad waste and meaningful campaign results. We use several methodologies to verify impressions and ensure riders are exposed to a particular advertisement, branded game or sponsored content.

Anonymized Ride Data: 

In certain cases, transportation network companies (TNCs) will share ride start and end times with us, allowing us to precisely identify when a rider is in the vehicle based on anonymized time stamps.

Screen Engagement: 

We also utilize engagement data, such as when a passenger interacts with the content they are seeing on the screen. An example would be playing one of our games while the vehicle is in motion. 

Octopus screen with finger touch

Silhouette Detection:

When our above solutions have not identified a rider, we may use camera sensors for silhouette detection. This is achieved by TensorFlow object detection technology, pioneered by Google™, which simply provides us a numerical likelihood of rider presence by comparing against a locally-stored reference library.

Octopus does not utilize face-tracking technology or artificial intelligence to assess the physical appearance of rideshare riders, nor do we use the cameras on our devices to record, film, transmit or store any images. We do not use the cameras on our devices to serve targeted advertisements and our platform is fully compliant with all privacy laws and local regulations.

To learn more about our CCPA and GDPR compliant methodologies please see our privacy policy here.