$5 Million Octopus Interactive Rideshare Driver Payouts

$5 million in driver payouts to Octopus drivers

Octopus Interactive, a US national network of interactive screens inside of Uber and Lyft vehicles, announced last week that the company has paid its network of Uber and Lyft drivers more than USS 5 million since screen distribution began in mid-2018.

Bradford Sayler, COO, and Co-Founder of Octopus Interactive said “Rideshare drivers form the foundation of our platform, providing passengers with entertainment, games, and other content on their ride. Many of our drivers use the supplementary income from Octopus as a meaningful component of their overall rideshare earnings, and we’re thrilled to have reached such an important milestone. Throughout recent months, we’ve seen a huge rebound in demand for rideshare, as people return to bars, restaurants, travel and entertainment. People are developing new habits and experiencing things with a new perspective following the pandemic, and there couldn’t be a better time for rideshare drivers and advertisers to partner with Octopus.”

In addition to direct payments, drivers that feature an Octopus device in their vehicle report a 15-30% average increase in tips. Octopus also has helped to foster a sense of community amongst drivers through digital gatherings, live meetups, periodic promotions, and informational webinars. 

Advertising inventory shown on Octopus’ network of rideshare screens gives marketers access to highly desirable audiences in a unique, captive environment. With full premium video, programmatic capabilities, and engaging interactivity, rideshare advertising inventory remains among the most valuable digital advertising channels available.