Octo.Versary 5.0

It is our 5th Octo.Versary!

In honor of this half-decade milestone, we explore the history of Octopus, what the future of the company may look like, and hear from some of the people that make this community so great! 

There are contests, giveaways, live interviews, and more. 

Plus, Alex hosts a live Call Wall* giveaway Live on Facebook, giving out prizes to some lucky random drivers to make up for those early unpaid months before “Driver Points” were created. 

Happy Octo.Versary 5.0! 

* YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM TO BE ENTERED FOR A CHANCE TO BE SELECTED TO WIN A PRIZE ALL TODAY ON 6/22!!! Only names on this list will be eligible to be included in the call list.

If you did not know, Octopus actually evolved out of another startup we were operating since 2014 called Spotluck, a restaurant dining mobile app. In an attempt to advertise to potential diners as they journeyed out in Uber/Lyft to eat to download the app, the first group of drivers were given a tablet in 2018. Everyone loved it, and so a new company was born.

Then in early 2022, Octopus was officially acquired by T-Mobile!

Check out this excellent highlight video of the evolution of the Octopus/Spotluck/TMO company HQ since 2014: 

Features and Highlights

Online Contests 

  • The Road Ahead 
    • Winner: Myles B. in Cleveland, OH
    • [5 years from now I see Octopus being in almost every Uber and Lyft vehicle…I think the passenger experience will be every pax will know about Octopus before they get in any Uber or Lyft ride…I see the tablet evolving into a social network where passengers can communicate with other passengers nationwide that are in an active ride…live contests where the passengers can compete with other passengers all over the country at the same time…downloadable content from the tablet and interactive points that passengers can collect from playing games and build points over a year period…have some kind of prize for most points collected from playing games.]

FB Live Discussions

  • Ultimate Octopus – LIVE @ 1pm ET
    • Alex hosts a virtual meetup with previous “Driver of the Month” honorees to discuss their history with Octopus and how it has impacted their rideshare career. 

2023 Flashback (Jan-June)

The Octopus Driver Community is a core pillar of the success of this business. For a driver, having the tablet is kinda like a key that unlocks access to the community of Play Octopus and all of the extra perks provided that go along with being partnered with us. 

Already in 2023 alone, Octopus has given away over $15K in bonus cash, points, and prizes during community events. Check out this video of everything that’s been going on this year, featuring highlights from various Driver Community events and contests, including: 

Plus, check out the highlight videos from past years too!

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2022 Wrap Up