Octopus Treasure Hunt is BACK

Octopus Treasure Hunt will appear randomly on the tablet. Riders can dig in the sand (by swiping the screen) to see if they win a prize. If they reveal three treasure chests, they win a $10 Amazon gift card. We will ask for the rider’s phone number to instantly text their prize.

LIMITED TIME PROMOTION UNTIL THE END OF AUGUST: When riders win Treasure Hunt, so do drivers! If your rider wins a $10 giftcard through Play Octopus Treasure Hunt – we’ll add 100 bonus points to your account! Family and friends are not eligible for this limited time promotion.

PLUS, we’re selecting ONE additional winner each day through 8/31 to win $100 of “Driving Around Money.”

Check Out Our Previous Winners Below!

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Happy treasure hunting with Play Octopus! See more game rules here.