How can I refer drivers to Octopus?

Octopus partners get paid for signing up new drivers to Octopus, and there is no limit to how much you can earn! Every driver you refer who receives and starts driving with their tablet earns you a referral bonus of at least $25!

Plus, through our OctoPro tiered referral system, the bonus payouts increase as you convince more drivers to join the platform! 

1. Open the Octopus Driver App:

2. Click Rewards on the bottom of the screen:

3. Click Refer a Friend select:

4. Click Share and send to your referrals:

Pro Tip: The new Rewards tab in the app now allows drivers to order referral cards! Click “Request Referral Cards” and it will direct you to the store where you can buy cards at $0 cost or order other replacement equipment.

To view your referrals’ status click on My Referrals:

Your referrals will be at one the following stages of the application process:

  • Driver Waitlist: Your referral has been waitlisted as they are not currently driving in one of our active markets, or they do not meet our 100 trips per month requirement.
  • Driver Qualified: Your referral has completed the first stage of the application process, and has to log back into their account to continue their application.
  • Driver Agreement Completed: Your referral has signed our driver agreement, and just has to upload their payment information and/or proof of rides to complete their application.
  • Bank Info and Proof of Rides Submitted: Your referral has completed their application, and our application team is in the process of reviewing their account.
  • Tablet Delivered – Pending Activation: Your referral has received their tablet, and is all set to start driving with Octopus! Please note: To ensure your referral has received and properly activated their tablet, it is necessary for them to gain some points with Octopus before the referral bonus is paid out.
  • Tablet Activated: Your referral has started using their tablet, and you’ve earned a $25 referral bonus!

Pro Tip: Are you wondering why your referrals are not being approved for Octopus, even though they claim they have finished their application? There is a likely chance the problem is that their “proof of rides” driver logs screenshots have an issue.

Some common issues include:

  • Logs did not show proof of weekly trips or lifetime rides made
  • No logs were provided at all

If you have any other questions, please let us know by submitting a support ticket below: