A Statement from Octopus Interactive CEO Cherian Thomas on the Passage of Proposition 22 in California

Octopus - Rideshare - Prop 22

As Proposition 22 has passed in California, we look forward to seeing continued progress towards rideshare drivers achieving fair earnings while maintaining valuable flexibility. Uber and Lyft have announced that drivers will receive a minimum working wage and occupational accident insurance, as well as healthcare contributions when they meet minimum drivetime requirements, expanding their safety net. Octopus Interactive maintains North America’s largest network of screens inside rideshare vehicles, working with an active and diverse community of drivers across the continent. In the coming months, and as new driver-focused initiatives emerge, we will gather feedback from our drivers in California and other geographies about the current and future state of rideshare earnings, benefits and flexibility. We endeavor to support all facets of the rideshare ecosystem, from the TNCs to the drivers and riders, as the world’s transportation systems continue to transform.